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Initial Cleaning- billed per man hour.  What is a man hour, you ask? Example: 2 people thoroughly cleaning for 4 hours  = 8 man hours.  Most typical homes will take 6-8 man hours to initially clean.  We will come to your home and do a walk through so we can give a fair estimate for your initial clean. Call 315-520-8162.

Maintenance Cleaning- the first 3-4 maintenance cleans will be billed at the hourly rate.  This allows us to get a feel for how much work will be involved according to your lifestyle and your own home maintenance.  After the first 3-4 cleans the rate will be a flat fee excluding extras.

Payment due when we arrive.  We accept checks, cash, and credit and debit cards through PayPal.

***Initial Cleans are mandatory prior to Maintenance Cleaning, no exceptions.  Even if you previously had a "cleaning service" .... we've cleaned up after the cleaners before.... what can we say? We're very thorough!



Q. Why do I see ads for cheaper cleaners?

A. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for.  There are those that pick up a broom and grab a bottle of windex and think they can just start cleaning.  They may charge less, but you will in no way receive the professionalism , thoroughness, or trustworthiness you will with our service.  They are probably not reporting wages to the IRS and can't possibly have the overhead an above board company does.  Cheaper cleaners are often times less experienced and don't know the proper care for your surfaces like granite countertops, soapstone sinks, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, etc... They probably won't have hands on training by industry professionals or attend ongoing educational workshops and seminars.   They certainly won't belong to any professional associations.  MaidClean Pro has 25 years in this industry  and that speaks for itself.  The value is in our experience, professionalism  and the fact that with MaidClean Pro "you just don't have to worry about anything".  We're the best value for your hard earned money, we pride ourselves on that.  For your peace of mind, call us, you won't regret it.

 Q. What if I want an extra or deep clean service?

A. Extras are NO problem at all!  If you want the inside of your refrigerator cleaned, or perhaps the cupboards organized, we can do that for you!  All we ask is that you  pre-scheduled  any "extras" with the main office prior to our scheduled visit, as the time needs to be adjusted as well as your normal fee.  We want to make you happy, so please add extras if they are desireable to you.

EXTRAS Include: windows, blinds, wall washing, woodwork washing, laundry, inside of cupboards, appliances & entertainment centers, removing books from shelves, dishes, laundry, attics, cellars, carpet cleaning, changing linens, anything NOT in your service agreement.  Make sure you visit the Residential Cleaning page for a list of our Maintenance Services! Link at top of page.

 Q. Does MaidClean Pro do "spring cleaning"?

A. yes we do!  All the time! And we're GOOD at it!

We also service:

special event pre & post cleans

Vacation and seasonal rentals  


for  more information and personal service.

Q. Does MaidClean Pro charge by the hour?

A. Not for maintenance cleaning. You pay for the work done. We only charge by the hour for initial cleans, one time cleans, and spring cleaning.  MaidClean Pro also charges hourly for the first 3-4 maintenance cleanings.  This allows us to determine the timing and work involved so we can arrive at a fair price.  We will get a "feel" for the level of maintenance your home requires.  No 2 homes/families are alike!  Thereafter you will be charged a flat fee.

***Remember if you want regular service, we will book an initial cleaning (deep cleaning) then start with the maintenance cleaning @ weekly, bi - weekly, or monthly intervals.

Q. What is the best interval for me?

WEEKLY- a must for busy people who just don't have time to do more than a basic pick up/declutter.

BI-WEEKLY- good for those who do some maintenance themselves but need help with the heavier work.

MONTHLY- a great choice for those who clean their own home but want a good once over once per month. 

Q. Does MaidClean bring their own supplies?

A. Yes! We do. We bring all the cleaning products and equipment. The only item we ask you to supply is a toilet brush for sanitary purposes.  

  We've been highly trained to use the right product for every possible surface so there will be no harm or damage.  Less experienced cleaning services don't have this training, so be careful when choosing a service for your home.

Q. Is there a contract?

A. No contracts.  We will make up a service agreement tailored to your cleaning needs and the estimate given, but you are in no way obligated.  But please give 1 week's advance notice if permanently cancelling service so that we can fill your spot with a client from our wait list!

Q. What if I have to cancel just one cleaning?

A. If you cancel a weekly cleaning your next cleaning will be at the bi-weekly rate.  If you cancel a bi-weekly cleaning your next cleaning will be at the monthly rate. If you cancel your scheduled day more than twice  we can no longer hold it for you.

Q. Do I have to provide MaidClean Pro with a key?

A. No, you don't have to give MaidClean Pro a key, but it makes it easier.  We do have a lock out fee of 35.00 in the event that we come to your home and we are locked out.  So please make sure we can get in on your scheduled day. Keys are closely guarded by MaidClean Pro.

Q. Do I have to "clean" before you come to clean?

A. NO, just a quick pick up of personal items and clutter is all that is needed prior to our visit.  That will enable us to concentrate on what we do best, "cleaning" and not "picking up" .   If you know you won't have time to routinely pick up before we come , please be up front about this so that we know what to expect on a regular basis.  Picking up, for those that need it, can be included in your service agreement.  It is essential that we (you the client and MaidClean Pro the service provider)  are on the same page about expectations.

 So let us do what we do best! Make your home MaidClean!!

Q. What if I am not happy?

A. Please  call the main office number, which will be in your service agreement, within 24 hours of your clean.  We're not happy unless you are. We have a reclean policy, therefore visual inspection of areas of complaint must be done within 24 hours in order for us to honor that policy.  No refunds of cleaning fees are given. 

 Q. Do you accomodate alternative lifestyle clients?

A. Yes we do.  

Q What if I work 2nd or 3rd shift and need cleaning while I am at work?

A. MaidClean Pro is happy to accomodate you!


Experience the VALUE of MaidClean Pro House Cleaning Service!


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